Courses & Teaching

The International Human Rights Clinic offers practical instruction in human rights advocacy to first-time and advanced students. The practice component is complimented by introductory courses in the fall and spring terms, as well as an advanced seminar for continuing third year students each fall.

First-time students in the Clinic are required to take a seminar in addition to their clinical work. These seminars cover a variety of substantive human rights topics as well as key practical skills such as fact-finding, media work, and negotiation.

The Academic Program also offers human rights-related courses, including an LL.M concentration, various reading groups, and a seminar on the inter-American human rights system and doctrine.

Clinical Practice

International Human Rights Clinic
Semester in Human Rights

Upcoming Clinical Seminars

Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy (Fall 2015)
Human Rights Advocacy (Fall 2015)
The Promises and Challenges of Disarmament (Fall 2015)
Human Rights Advocacy (Spring 2016)
Human Rights and Criminal Justice (Spring 2016)
Reproductive Rights and Justice (Spring 2016)

Upcoming Reading Groups

Migration and Human Rights (Fall 2015)
Communities and Human Rights Advocacy (Fall 2015)
Becoming a Human Rights Advocate (Fall 2015)
Armed Conflict and World Heritage (Spring 2016)

Recent Clinical Seminars

Combating the Human Cost of Armed Conflict (Spring 2015)
Business and Human Rights (Spring 2014)
Armed Conflict and Humanitarian Protection (Fall 2013)
Reproductive Rights and Justice (Spring 2013)
Human Rights Advocacy and Litigation (Spring 2013)
Gender and Human Rights (Fall 2012)
Combating the Human Costs of Armed Conflict (Fall 2012)
Human Rights and the Environment (Spring 2012)
Human Rights Advocacy and the United States (Fall 2011)

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