2017 – 2018 Visiting Fellows

Yitayew Alemayehu (Ethiopia)

Yitayew Alemayehu is a lawyer with graduate degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and Northeastern University. Dr. Alemayehu has extensive experience in the public, civil society and academic sectors, including as the founding director of one of the pioneer and successful human rights organizations in Ethiopia. He currently teaches at the Center for Human Rights of Addis Ababa University. Yitayew has long been interested in the local diffusion of global human rights norms. During his fellowship, Yitayew will investigate the genesis of international human rights rules on justice for children and their impact in Ethiopia.

Priyanka Chirimar (India)

Priyanka Chirimar, OPIA/HRP Wasserstein Fellow-in-Residence, is joining OPIA for the Fall 2017 semester. Ms. Chirimar is a human rights attorney from India with 13 years of experience in domestic and international courts on a wide range of legal matters. Since 2014, she is a Legal Officer with the International Co-Investigating Judges Office at the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She previously assisted the Trial Chambers at the UN ICTY in cases against Bosnian Serb and Croatian leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity. She also worked for a defence team in ICTY and the RUF Chamber in SCSL. Ms. Chirimar holds an LL.B from Symbiosis Law College, University of Pune and an LL.M in Public Internal Law from London School of Economics, which she attended with the PJD Wiles Scholarship. She is admitted to practice law in India and was called to the Bar in the High Court of Delhi in 2003.

Dr. Tally Kritzman-Amir (Israel)

Dr. Tally Kritzman-Amir is a Senior Lecturer of immigration and international law at the College of Law and Business, Israel. She received her LLB from Tel Aviv University, Magna Cum Laude (2002). She clerked for Justice Mishael Cheshin in the Israeli Supreme Court, and she is a member of the Israeli bar since 2004. She received her PhD from Tel Aviv University after graduating from the direct PhD program, and wrote her thesis on “Socio-economic refugees” (2008). She was a Fox International Fellow at Yale University (2006-7), a Hauser Research scholar at NYU (2008-9) and Polonsky Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (2010-5).





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