Chapters & Articles

Bi-Level Remedies for Human Rights Violations (Summer 2014)

Gerald L. Neuman; in Harvard International Law Journal

Climate Change Migration & Social Innovation (May 2014)

Bonnie Docherty; Harvard College Review of Environment and Society

Ending Civilian Suffering: The Purpose, Provisions, and Promise of Humanitarian Disarmament Law (2013)

Bonnie Docherty; Austrian Review of International and European Law

Health Professional Accountability for Acts of Torture Through State Licensing and Discipline (November 2013)

Deborah Popowski, Kate Nicholson, Shuenn (Patrick) Ho, and Pooja Nair; chapter in "Ethics Abandoned: Medical Professionalism and Detainee Abuse in the More…

The Paradox of Accountability in Brazil (November 2012)

Fernando Delgado and Jim Cavallaro; chapter in "After Oppression: Transitional Justice in Latin America and Eastern Europe"; UN Press

Human Rights and Climate Change Adaptation at the International Level (June 2012)

Tyler Giannini and Bonnie Docherty; Yale Journal of Law, online symposium

The Alien Tort Statute and Corporate Liability (November 2011)

Susan Farbstein and Tyler Giannini; Debate, 160 U. Pa. L. Rev. PENNumbra 99

Viewing Mining’s Effects on First Nations through the Lens of Aboriginal Rights (October 2011)

Bonnie Docherty; West Coast Environmental Law

Normalizing Sex and its Discontents: Establishing Sexual Rights in International Law (July 2011)

Mindy Roseman and Alice M. Miller; Harvard Journal of Law & Gender