International Human Rights and International Criminal Law: An Interdisciplinary Roundtable

The Human Rights Program co-sponsored with Open Society Justice Initiative an interdisciplinary roundtable on international criminal law and international human rights institutions in May 2011. The fundamental issue it engaged was the relationship between these two sets of legal norms and their implementation in national, regional, and international courts.

Scholars and practitioners discussed a number of issues related to the relative effectiveness of international criminal justice. Has recourse to courts deterred individuals, organizations, corporations, or governments from committing human rights violations? Have the processes, judgments, or settlements sufficiently redressed victims, families, communities, and societies, for these crimes and abuse? If not, should they and can they? By what standards should we assess their efficacy, and over what time period? Other sessions were devoted to practical application: how can one improve international criminal justice access and delivery in country and improve UN apparatus and interaction with governments in these areas?

Some of the working papers are available in our Publications section.


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