In Depth Archive


“Using the Tools of the Trade: The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots”
(Human Rights Program blog, 5/29/13) Author: Jonathan Nomiamukor, JD ’13

“Build the Future, Fix Our Schools”
(Human Rights Program blog, 4/3/13) Author: Jeanne Segil, JD’ 14

“Docherty’s Testimony Highlights Flaws in Canadian Bill on Cluster Munitions”
(Human Rights Program blog, 10/23/12) Author: Melinda Kuritzsky, JD ’13

“Incendiary Weapons: Growing Support for Stronger Protections”
(Human Rights Program blog, 4/15/12) Authors: Michael Jacobson, JD ’13, and Patricia Villa Berger, LLM ’13, Tufts University

“Camping Out for Kiobel”
(Human Rights Program blog, 3/2/12) Authors: Yonina Alexander, JD ’12, Daniel Saver, JD ’12

“Reflections on a Major Weapons Victory: Overcoming Powerful Opposition, Ban on Cluster Munitions Strengthened”
(Human Rights Program blog, 12/8/11) Authors: Nicolette Boehland, JD ’13, Anna Crowe, LLM ’12, Robert Yoskowitz, JD ’13)

“Decades After Dresden, We Must Do More to Strengthen Ban Against Incendiary Weapons”
(Human Rights Program blog, 2/25/11) Author: Joe Phillips, JD ’11


“The Path to Fighting Injustice”
(Harvard Gazette, 2013)

“The growth of a friendship and a professional collaboration born at HLS”
(HLS Bulletin, 2012)

“Daring to be a Doer”
(Harvard Gazette, 2012)

“Gaston Documents Victims of War in Afghanistan”
(Harvard Law School website, 2009)

“Rebecca Hamilton Analyzes a Civilian Advocacy Movement from the Inside”
(HLS Bulletin, 2011)

“A Call to Do No Harm”
(HLS Bulletin, 2010)

“Chris Rogers, ’09, Advocate for a Ban on Cluster Munitions”
(Harvard Law School website, 2008)

“Impunity’s Jailer”
(HLS Bulletin, 2007)

“Examining the Witnesses”
(HLS Bulletin, 2002)



“Clinic Report Outlines Concerns about ‘Killer Robots'”
(Harvard Law School website, 2012)

“Protest and Assembly Rights Project Releases Report on Human Rights Violations During Occupy Wall Street”
(Harvard Law School website, 2012)

“Fact-Finding in Libya: Documenting Risks from a Revolution”
(Harvard Law School website, 2012)

“Clinic Assists in Effort to Prevent Weakening of Cluster Munitions Ban”
(Harvard Law School website, 2011)

“Cluster Munitions Ban to Enter into Force”
(Harvard Law School website, 2010)

“Clinic Examines Impact of Mining in British Columbia”
(Harvard Law School website, 2010)

“Human Rights Program Issues New Report on Abuses in Burma”
(Harvard Law School website, 2009)

“HLS Activists Laud Weapons Treaty”
(Harvard Crimson, 2008)

“At a Deadly Prison in Brazil, Students Document Human Rights Violations”
(Harvard Law School website, 2010)

“Report from Urso Branco: Audio/Slideshow”
(Harvard Law School website, 2010)

“Lawyers for the Dammed”
(Harvard Law School website, 2008)



“Clinic Files Amicus Curiae Brief with U.S. Supreme Court on Behalf of Legal Historians and Scholars”
(Harvard Law School website, 2012)

“The Rigor of Re-Argument”
(Harvard Gazette, 2012)

Clinic Files Amicus Brief in Corporate Alien Tort Statute Case
(Harvard Law School website, 2010)

“Clinic Files Complaint Against Guantanamo Psychologist”
(Harvard Law School website, 2010)

“Clinic Files U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief on Behalf of Somali Torture Survivor”
(Harvard Law School website, 2010)

“Clinic Suit Against Bolivian President and Minister of Defense Moves Forward”
(Harvard Law School website, 2009)

“HLS Students Work on Historic Corporate Lawsuit Involving Human Rights Abuses During Apartheid”
(Harvard Law School website, 2009)

“Students Participate in Historic Apartheid Litigation”
(Harvard Law School website, 2008)

“HLS Students Seek Justice for a Brazilian Family”
(Harvard Law Today, 2006)

“Court Decision on Human Rights Marks Important Victory for HLS Students”
(Harvard Law School website, 2006)

“HLS Students Contribute to Victory at Inter-American Court”
(Harvard Law School website, 2005)