“Realizing Access to Effective Remedy”

“Behind Bars: Ethics and Human Rights in U.S. Prisons”

“The Israeli Asylum System: Refugee exclusion in the land of refugees”

“A Clash of Good Intentions: NGOs vs. the UN”

“Screening of “Sittwe” Documentary about Conflict and Segregation in Rakhine State”

“Dismantling Oppressive Structures: LGBTQ Rights in the Arab World”

“Armed Drones: Addressing Harm and Curbing Use”

“Decriminalization and Human Rights: A Panel Discussion”

“A Conversation with Agnès Callamard, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions”

“A Conversation with Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee on the Human Rights Situation in Myanmar”

“How Does International Human Rights Law Make a Difference in the World?”

“In Search of a Better World”

“Humanization of Arms Control: Paving the Way for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons”

“A Talk by Sana Mustafa, Syrian Refugee and Advocate for Refugee Rights”

“The Origins and Evolution of the Health and Human Rights Movement”

“Q & A with Judge Chang-ho Chung of the International Criminal Court”

“The Syrian Crisis in Film: Two Award-Winning Short Narratives”

“Feminist Voices in Islam: Rethinking Patriarchal Ethics in Muslim Legal Traditions”

“Rights, Action, and Accountability: Tackling Gender-based Violence and HIV in Southern Africa”

“In Pursuit of Accountability for Post-9/11 Torture: A Discussion with the Salim v. Mitchell Litigation Team”

“Visibility is Liberty: Freedom of Expression and LGBTI Equality in Jamaica”

“Human Rights Program Orientation”

“Climate, migration and health”

“The International state of digital rights: A conversation with the UN Special Rapporteur”

“A more perfect internet: Promoting digital civility and combating cyber-violence”

“Toxic remnants of war”

“Screening and Discussion of “Private Revolutions: Young, Female, Egyptian””

“Treadmill to somewhere: The experience of a Judge at the European Court of Human Rights”

“One year in: An examination of Myanmar’s democratic transition”

“Is there an existential threat to human rights?”

“Banning nuclear weapons: A milestone for disarmament”

“Technology, equality and law enforcement”

“Is There Public Reason in Strasbourg Human Rights Analysis?”

“What Islam, Whose Islam? The Struggle for Women’s Right to Equality and Justice in Muslim Contexts”

““Speed Sisters”: Palestinian women living under the occupation”

“Human rights in the U.S. under President Trump”

“Anti-impunity and the human rights agenda”

“One year in: An examination of Myanmar’s democratic transition”

“Screening and Discussion of “What Tomorrow Brings””

“Shifting Grounds in International Human Rights”

“Documentation in the Middle East Refugee Crisis”

“Uncertain protection: A film screening and discussion of human rights in investment law”

“Women, rights and activism in the Muslim world: A film screening and discussion of “Horma””

“Talk by Dzie Chimbga, of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights”

“Clinical Law Teaching”

“Informational Session on Post-Graduate Fellowships in Human Rights”

“East West Street: On the Origins of ‘Genocide’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’”