HRP Mentorship Program for Post-Graduate Fellows

HRP’s post-graduate fellows undertake challenging and complex assignments around the world. Often these are their first full-time field placements, and a critical opportunity to begin or expand their careers in human rights advocacy.

Given these factors, HRP is committed to ensuring that the post-graduate fellows receive substantive guidance as they work on their assignments, as well as critical advice for their professional development. To do this, HRP draws on its faculty and staff as well as its experienced alumni. Each post-graduate fellow is assigned 2-3 mentors, including one member of HRP staff / faculty member and 1-2 HLS alumni, depending on availability.

The formal structure of the program takes place over virtual meetings organized by HRP. These meetings provide the fellows with opportunities to present their progress to date, raise any substantive questions, and discuss challenges with their mentors.

Additional interactions between fellows as peers and between fellows and their mentors take place as negotiated by participants. As mentors are volunteering, fellows use their judgment on how much interaction to request from their mentors.

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