Political Prisoners: Incarceration methods vs. strategies for defenders and activists

5:30- 7:00pm
Harvard Kennedy School, Belfer B 500 Bell Hall

Governments such as Venezuela, China and Cuba have structured a systematic scheme for political persecution against “politically inconvenient people” by using the criminal justice system as a weapon for political persecution. Not only there are thousands of people subjected to indefinite trials, but also there are many political prisoners and a large number of people forced to exile. Is the international community aware about this situation? Victims, families and human rights defenders will speak from their perspective.
Teng Biao, Human Rights Lawyer, China
Antonio Rodiles, Human Rights activist, Cuba
Erik Jennische, Program Director for Latin America, Civil Rights Defenders
Alfredo Romero, Executive Director of Foro Penal, Fellow Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Venezuela
Doug Johnson, Carr Center Faculty Director