Whose Security?: a Harvard Human Rights Journal Symposium

12:00 p.m.
Milstein AB

When we talk of “collective” security, whose security is being protected, and whose is being sacrificed? Is it true that maintaining the security of some requires curtailing the rights of others? Finally, how do we navigate answering these questions both as lawyers and as human beings? Join the Harvard Human Rights Journal in exploring these questions and others, starting on March 23 with a conversation between Professor Lawrence Lessig and Jesselyn Radack (Edward Snowden’s attorney and DOJ whistleblower); a panel on police violence against ethnic/racial minorities in the US, Israel/Palestine and Brazil with Clinical Instructor Fernando Delgado, of HRP, among others; and a panel on critical issues on the use of material support bans to limit entrance to refugees

Check out the full schedule and panelists’ bios.