“The Global Contest between Democracy and Autocracy: Less Dire Than It Seems”

“Keeping the Promise? The Children and Armed Conflict Agenda at the United Nations”

“The thematic focus of the upcoming UN WGDAWG Report on ‘Women and Girls in Poverty and Inequality’”

“Rethinking Slavery and Freedom in Islamic Law”

“Condemned to Serve for Life? A Snapshot of Political Trends in Africa”

“Pre-Launch of the UN General Assembly Report on Peace, Security, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: UN Independent Expert Victor Madrigal-Borloz”

“Book Launch: Reclaiming Human Rights in a Changing World Order”

“Human Rights at Harvard Law Orientation”

“Sins of the Fathers? – The Rights of Children Held in Camps in North-Eastern Syria”

“Hidden under Headscarves? Women and Religion in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights”

“Fighting Climate Change with Human Rights Law – Advantages and Disadvantages”

“Building the Foundations for a Rights-Centered Polity in Ethiopia: A Promise, a Plan, or an Illusion?”

“Another Coup d’état in Sudan: An Exploration of the Prospects of Democracy and Human Rights”

“Book Launch, The American Convention on Human Rights: A Commentary”

“Reports on Gender: Virtual Launch Event”

“Abusing Public Health Powers at the Border: Litigating “Title 42” Deportations Before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights”

“Transitional Justice in Sudan and the Role of the International Criminal Court”

“Holding Japan Accountable: Pursuing Justice for “Comfort Women” Survivors through the International Court of Justice”

“The Human Cost of Incendiary Weapons and Shortcomings of International Law”

“The ATT and Gender-Based Violence – Practical Tools to Strengthen Export Licensing Risk Assessments”

“Being an International Criminal Judge: From a Classroom to the Courtroom”

“The Religious Dimensions of Myanmar’s Protests”

“The Impact of COVID-19 on LGBT Persons”

“Human Rights, Civil Rights, and the Struggle for Racial Justice”

“Human Rights in a Time of Populism: Challenges and Responses”

“The Human Rights Movement and the Struggle for Economic Justice Today”

“Immigration and Detention Centers / Comparative and International Issues”

“Movement Lawyering and Social Change: A Spotlight on LGBTQ Advocacy in Lebanon”

“10 Years On: Lessons from the Cholera Epidemic in Haiti”

“Muslim Women Creating New Futures: The Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws”

“Launch of the Principles on the Prevention of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Detention Settings”

“Launch of Report on Hate Speech Leading Up to 2020 Myanmar Elections”

“Human Rights in Africa: Zimbabwe and Cameroon”

““An Era of Violence?”: Comparing Trends in State Violence Around the World”

“Confronting Conflict Pollution: Principles for Assisting Victims of Toxic Remnants of War”

“Freedom of Religion and Public Interest: A Look at Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Europe”

“Advocating While Black: Navigating Black Identity in the Human Rights Field”

“Pompeo’s “Commission on Unalienable Rights”: Shrinking US Human Rights Policy”

“Indian Muslim Women’s Movement for Gender Justice & Equal Citizenship”

“The Struggle for Human Rights in Bolivia During the Áñez Government and the COVID-19 Pandemic”

“Beyond Business-As-Usual: Lessons from Workers, Communities, and the Failed Experiment of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives”

“Her Voices, Her Journey: The Gendered Experiences of Rohingya Women”

“Why Does Cultural Heritage Matter for Humanity?”

“Conversion Therapy Report: Online Launch”

“Space for Change – Humanitarian Disarmament and COVID-19”

“COVID-19 and the Human Rights of LGBTI People”

“Rethinking Essential: Business, Work, and Human Rights in the Covid-19 Pandemic”

“Education Rebound for All During and After COVID-19: Charting the Way Forward”

“Covid-19 and the Rights of Persons With Disabilities”

“The Deployment of COVID-19 to Undermine Sexual and Reproductive Health”

“COVID-19 and Mental Health: Wellbeing and Resilience During the Pandemic”

“COVID-19 and LGBT and gender diverse persons: voices of our communities”

“Movements, Organizing, and Empowerment in the Time of COVID-19”

“COVID-19 and its Response: Risks to Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum-Seekers”

“COVID-19 in Conflict: What to Expect? And What Can be Done?”

“Innovating Human Rights: Responsibility, Hope, and Strategy in Crisis”

“Innovating Advocacy: Legal Approaches in a New [Pandemic] Terrain”

“Flattening the Pandemic Curve While Upholding Digital and Information Rights”

“COVID-19’s Impact on Health, Housing, Water, and Sanitation: Socioeconomic Rights in Crisis”

“The International Court of Justice Case on Genocide in Myanmar”

“Using the United Nations to Free Political Prisoners in the 21st Century”

“Post-Graduate Fellowships Information Session”

“Is Palestine a State? An Act in Four Stages (1919, 1948, 1988, 2012)”

“Can ‘Terrorists’ Make ‘Law’ and Do ‘Justice’?”

“Human Rights Program Summer Fellowship Information Session”

“Researching Bolivia’s Gas War: The Social Scientist as a Witness to State Violence”

“Film Screening: The Long Haul”

“Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflicts: An Informal Discussion with ILC Special Rapporteur Dr. Marja Lehto”

“Stopping Hate! – A Conversation with Yee Htun and Nadia Aziz”

“On Social Inclusion: A Preview of the Report to the 2019 UN General Assembly”

“A Survivor’s Story: From the Atomic Bomb to the Nobel Peace Prize”

“Book Talk: Human Rights & Participatory Politics in Southeast Asia”

“Photo Exhibition: From the Atomic Bomb to the Nobel Peace Prize”

“A well-founded fear of being persecuted… but when? A talk by Jane McAdam”

“Human Rights Backlash: The Judicial Story”

“Collecting War Crimes Evidence during Cultural Rescue in Iraq”

“Human Rights Program Information Session”

“Vanquishing Section 377: the Road to Justice by an Empowered Queer India”

“Speak No Evil: Blasphemy Law & the Supreme Court in Pakistan”

“The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Commentary (Book Talk)”

“Investigating Myanmar’s Atrocity Crimes: Human Rights Work Amid Conflict and Crisis”

“Drafting a Convention on Crimes Against Humanity”

“Hell on Earth: Uncovering Atrocities in Syria’s Prisons”

“Criminalization of Homosexuality in Tunisia: From Colonialism to Present-Day Activism”

“Book Talk: Global Health Justice and Governance”

“The Human Impact of Nuclear Weapons”

“Unveiled: A One Woman Play by Rohina Malik”

“Rights Discourses, Legal Pluralism, and Poverty in South Africa: Transformative Constitutionalism and the Purported Decolonization of South African Law”

“Conference on Poverty and Inequality”

“Destruction of Memory: Film Screening”

“Time for Reparations? The Cambodian Government’s Response to the Khmer Rouge Atrocities”

“Victor Madrigal-Borloz, UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”

“Sustainable Justice: Lessons from Twenty Years of Domestic War Crimes Prosecutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

“LGBTQ+ Rights in the Americas: Local and Transnational Challenges”

“Human Rights Activism in Africa (20 Years Later): A talk with Raymond Atuguba”

“Human Rights Program Summer Fellow Information Session”

“Protecting Migrant Children: In Search of Best Practice (Book Talk)”

“Religious Fundamentalism and Its Gendered Impact in Myanmar”

“War Don Don: A Film Screening”

“An LGTQ Activist in Egypt: Half a Life”

“The Struggle for Normal Life in Gaza”

“Human Rights Impact Litigation: The Plaintiffs Who Inspired the Cases”

“The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court at 20 – Looking Back and Looking Forward”

“Universal Jurisdiction: Help or Hindrance in the Prosecution of War Criminals?”

“Mother, Daughter, Sister Film Screening & Panel Discussion”

Film Screening & Panel Discussion

“There Are No Dead Here: A Story of Murder and Denial in Colombia”

“Women, Shari’a, and Justice in Palestine: The Judge”

“Killing the Living Instrument? The European Convention on Human Rights in the 21st Century”

“The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar: Sittwe Screening & Discussion”

“Impact and Challenges of the Inter-American Human Rights System”

A Discussion with the President of the Inter-American Court, Judge Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor

“International Job Search Strategy Session”

“Inside a Syrian Refugee Camp: The Long Season”

“The Inter-American Human Rights System: Impact, Challenges, and Perspectives”

“Disrupting Assumptions: Veil, Divorce, and Women’s Agency in Islam”

“Training Women’s Rights Advocates through the International Human Rights Clinic”

“Human Rights Program Orientation”

“Judicial Legal Officers in International Courts and Tribunals”

“Human Rights in the Council of Europe and the European Union: Achievements, Trends and Challenges”

“Crimes Against Humanity in Mexico?”

“The World’s Oldest Form of Existing Discrimination”

“International Religious Freedom in an Age of Nationalism”

“Nothing about us without us: Putting refugees at the center of cause lawyering”

“Thailand: Shifting Ground Between the U.S. and Rising China”

“The U.S. in Yemen: What We Know, What We Don’t, and What That Means for Rights Protection”

“Conference: Human Rights in a Time of Populism”

“Jerusalem After Trump: Consequences and Implications”

“Current Issues in Humanitarian Disarmament: Targeting, Toxicity, Technology, and Trade”

“From Landmines to Nuclear Weapons: A Conversation with Nobel Peace Prize Laureates”

“Criminal Abortion in the U.S.”

“Talk by Elliot Schrage, VP, Global Communications, Marketing, and Public Policy, Facebook”

“Russia’s “Gay Propaganda Law” and LGBTQ Rights”

“MSI Integrity Evaluation Tool Launch”

“How to Fix Finance by Saving Human Rights”

“Fundamental Rights and Impact Litigation in Pakistan”

“Populism and Human Rights”

“Can the U.N. End Racism? International Responses to Racial Discrimination”

“A Road Less Traveled: Feminism and Advocacy in Saudi Arabia”

“Turkey and the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Responses and Perspectives”

“Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness”

“Human Rights: Adapting to the Challenges of our Times”

“Information Session on Post-Graduate Fellowships in Human Rights”

“Realizing Access to Effective Remedy”

“Behind Bars: Ethics and Human Rights in U.S. Prisons”

“The Israeli Asylum System: Refugee exclusion in the land of refugees”

“A Clash of Good Intentions: NGOs vs. the UN”

“Screening of “Sittwe” Documentary about Conflict and Segregation in Rakhine State”

“Dismantling Oppressive Structures: LGBTQ Rights in the Arab World”

“Armed Drones: Addressing Harm and Curbing Use”

“Decriminalization and Human Rights: A Panel Discussion”

“A Conversation with Agnès Callamard, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions”

“A Conversation with Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee on the Human Rights Situation in Myanmar”

“How Does International Human Rights Law Make a Difference in the World?”

“In Search of a Better World”

“Humanization of Arms Control: Paving the Way for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons”

“A Talk by Sana Mustafa, Syrian Refugee and Advocate for Refugee Rights”

“The Origins and Evolution of the Health and Human Rights Movement”

“Q & A with Judge Chang-ho Chung of the International Criminal Court”

“The Syrian Crisis in Film: Two Award-Winning Short Narratives”

“Feminist Voices in Islam: Rethinking Patriarchal Ethics in Muslim Legal Traditions”

“Rights, Action, and Accountability: Tackling Gender-based Violence and HIV in Southern Africa”

“In Pursuit of Accountability for Post-9/11 Torture: A Discussion with the Salim v. Mitchell Litigation Team”

“Visibility is Liberty: Freedom of Expression and LGBTI Equality in Jamaica”

“Human Rights Program Orientation”

“Climate, migration and health”

“The International state of digital rights: A conversation with the UN Special Rapporteur”

“A more perfect internet: Promoting digital civility and combating cyber-violence”

“Toxic remnants of war”

“Screening and Discussion of “Private Revolutions: Young, Female, Egyptian””

“Treadmill to somewhere: The experience of a Judge at the European Court of Human Rights”

“One year in: An examination of Myanmar’s democratic transition”

“Is there an existential threat to human rights?”

“Banning nuclear weapons: A milestone for disarmament”

“Technology, equality and law enforcement”

“Is There Public Reason in Strasbourg Human Rights Analysis?”

“What Islam, Whose Islam? The Struggle for Women’s Right to Equality and Justice in Muslim Contexts”

““Speed Sisters”: Palestinian women living under the occupation”

“Human rights in the U.S. under President Trump”

“Anti-impunity and the human rights agenda”

“One year in: An examination of Myanmar’s democratic transition”

“Screening and Discussion of “What Tomorrow Brings””

“Shifting Grounds in International Human Rights”

“Documentation in the Middle East Refugee Crisis”

“Uncertain protection: A film screening and discussion of human rights in investment law”

“Women, rights and activism in the Muslim world: A film screening and discussion of “Horma””

“Talk by Dzie Chimbga, of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights”

“Clinical Law Teaching”

“Informational Session on Post-Graduate Fellowships in Human Rights”

“East West Street: On the Origins of ‘Genocide’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’”

“A Conversation with the Honourable Irwin Cotler”

“Protest and Social Media: A Conversation with Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag”

“The Future of the Inter-American System”

“Challenges and Developments in Women’s Rights: Women’s Legal Capacity in the Laws of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States”

“The Armenian Genocide Legacy: A Book Talk by Alexis Demirdjian”

“Litigating Free Speech Cases in African Regional Courts”

“Criminal Justice Reform in Pakistan: A Case Study”

“The Importance of Institutional Design in Governing Transnational Corporations”

“Addressing Climate Displacement Globally and Locally”

“Climate Change Displacement: A Conversation with Mary Robinson”

“Henry Steiner’s “Eyeing the World””

“From Big Law to Public Service in the White House”

“U.S. Law and Policy on Transitional Justice”

“HRP Orientation Mixer”

“Human Rights Program Symposium: Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy in the 21st Century”

“No Más Bebés: A Film Screening and Discussion”

“Human Rights, UN Millennium Development Goals and Federal Prosecutions in Brazil”

“American Torture and Institutional Corruption: Psychology, Law, and the Power of Professional Complicity and Resistance”

“Negotiating Disarmament Treaties”

“Global Tobacco Control as a Public Health and Human Rights Imperative”

“Whose Security?: a Harvard Human Rights Journal Symposium”

“Christian Human Rights”