April 23, 2014

Class of 2014 Chooses Tyler Giannini for its Teaching Excellence Award

Posted by Human Rights Program faculty and staff

As friends and colleagues of Tyler Giannini, we are thrilled that the Class of 2014 has chosen to award him the Albert M. Sacks-Paul A. Freund Award for Teaching Excellence. All of us appreciate and benefit so much from his vision and commitment to our clinic and program—as a human rights advocate, a clinician, and an innovator in the field and in the classroom. It is wonderful to see his dedication to his students recognized with this award.

From left: Lynette Miner, Tyler Giannini, Ariel Nelson, Susan Farbstein, Oded Oren, Avery Halfon
From left: Lynnette Miner, Tyler Giannini, Ariel Nelson, Susan Farbstein, Oded Oren, Avery Halfon

Tyler is a rare find, a triple threat: an advocate-teacher-scholar who embraces all these roles and finds in them a harmony that is truly a joy to witness and learn from. Anyone who works with him can sense the passion that he brings to work. It is evident in the emotion, care, and impeccable commitment to quality that he invests into everything he produces, from U.S. Supreme Court briefs to course syllabi to student role-plays. Tyler works this way because he cares deeply about teaching his students to be thoughtful and effective human rights practitioners, and because he believes so strongly in the value of the work that he does each and every day.

We are moved and beyond excited that Tyler has received this well-deserved recognition. We couldn’t be prouder of him. Thank you, Class of 2014.

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