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August 17, 2015

Susan Farbstein Named to “Top Women of Law” List by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Posted by Cara Solomon

We have some pretty fantastic news to report today: Susan Farbstein has been named to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s “Top Women of Law” list for 2015.

Susan, left of the child in pink, with students and their families in rural South Africa. With Katie King, JD ’16, and Dmitri Holtzman, Exec Director, Equal Education Law Centre.

It’s no surprise to us, given the criteria for making the list. The honor goes to “women who have made tremendous professional strides and demonstrated great accomplishments in the legal field, which includes: pro bono, social justice, advocacy, and business. The awards highlight women who are pioneers, educators, trailblazers, and role models.”

We are thrilled to seeĀ Susan honoredĀ in this way, and look forward to celebrating with her at the official ceremony in October.

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