Paola Bergallo

Paola Bergallo is a law professor at Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her areas of work and research include sexual rights, health law and socio-legal studies. She holds a LL.B. with honors from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, an LL.M. from Columbia University, a J.S.M. and a J.S.D. from Stanford University. Paola was previously a Fellow at The Hewlett Foundation, Stanford University and the Norwegian Research Counsel, and has worked as researcher and consultant in projects of the Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad, the Center for Reproductive Rights, the UN Fund for Population, the Pan-American Health Organization, and The World Bank. She is a founding member of Red Alas, Red de Académicas Latinoamericanas, and a member of the Seminario Latinoamericano de Teoría Constitucional convened by Yale Law School. At Harvard, she focused on the role of gender in the new Latin American constitutions and the role of courts in their enforcement.