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Working Papers

Discrimination on the Basis of Chronological Age: November 2022 Workshop Proceedings & Working Papers

Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School
April 2023

Indirect Discrimination and the COVID-19 Pandemic: February 2021 Workshop Proceedings & Working Papers

Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School
August 2021

Indirect Discrimination and Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity: October 2020 Workshop Proceedings & Working Papers

Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School
April 2021

The Alien Tort Statute and the Law of Nations: Newly Uncovered Historical Evidence of Founding Era Observations

David Golove
December 2020

A Tale of Two Risks: risk assessments and treatment of two dangerous long-term New Zealand detainees

Anthony Ellis
June 2020

Mass Protest and State Repression in Bolivian Political Culture: Putting the Gas War and the 2019 Crisis in Perspective

Carwil Bjork-James, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
May 2020

State Capture Through Corruption: How Can Human Rights Help?

Jimena Reyes
June 2019

International Organizations and Human Rights – the Need for Substance

Gerald L. Neuman
April 2019

Decriminalization and the UN Human Rights Bodies

Emily Nagisa Keehn
March 2018

Women’s Victimization in Transitional Justice and Their Fight for Democracy and Human Rights: The Story of Taiwan

Yi-Li Lee
March 2018

“All the regard due to their sex”: Women in the Geneva Conventions of 1949

Anna Crowe
December 2016

Giving Meaning and Effect to Human Rights: The Contributions of Human Rights Committee Members

Gerald L. Neuman
December 2016

The Emergence of International Justice as Coercive Diplomacy: Challenges and Prospects

by Adam M. Smith
May 2012

Closing ICC Investigations: A Second Bite at the Cherry for Complementarity?

Rebecca J. Hamilton
May 2012

The Role of Courts in Defining Health Policy: The Case of the Colombian Constitutional Court

Alicia Ely Yamin and Oscar Parra Vera
May 2008

Corporate Human Rights Norms and the Clog of Limited Liability Within Corporate Groups: Towards an International Convention

Joseph Kiarie Mwaura
May 2008

The Recognition of Muslim Personal Laws in South Africa: Implications for Women’s Human Rights

Rashida Manjoo
July 2007

Siri Gloppen, Courts and the Poor in Malawi: Economic Marginalization, Vulnerability, and the Law

Siri Gloppen and Fidelis Edge Kanyongolo
May 2007

Human Rights as a Qualifier and a Catalyst for Korea’s Democracy

Hyo-Je Cho
May 2007

Transnational Debates on Human Rights in the Muslim world: Politics, Economy, and Society

Anthony Chase
May 2007

Case Study: The Commission for Gender Equality, South Africa: Promotion and Protection of Gender Equality – Are Separate Structures Necessary?

Rashida Manjoo; 14 Griffith LR
May 2005

The Domination Anxiety in Nigerian Politics (Guest Paper for the “Nigeria Conflict and Democracy” Speaker Series Event)

Ebere Onwudiwe