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Questions of Indirect Discrimination on the Basis of Religion

Gerald L. Neuman; in Harvard Human Rights Journal
Summer 2021

Divergent Human Rights Approaches to Capacity and Consent

Gerald L. Neuman; in Mental Health, Legal Capacity and Human Rights

The Ambitions of Muslim Family Law Reform

Salma Waheedi, Kristen A. Stilt, and Swarthi Gandhavadi Griffin; in Harvard Journal of Law and Gender
October 2018

Human Rights, Treaties, and International Legitimacy

Gerald L. Neuman; in Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy in a World of Disorder
October 2018

Political Legitimacy and Private Governance of Human Rights: Community-Business Social Contracts and Constitutional Moments

Tyler Giannini; in Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy in a World of Disorder
October 2018

Health, Human Rights, and the Transformation of Punishment: South African Litigation to Address HIV and Tuberculosis in Prisons

Emily Nagisa Keehn and Ariane Nevin; in Health and Human Rights Journal
May 2018

A ‘Light for All Humanity’: The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the Progress of Humanitarian Disarmament

Bonnie Docherty; in Global Change, Peace & Security
Apirl 2018

Bi-Level Remedies for Human Rights Violations

Gerald L. Neuman; in Harvard International Law Journal
Summer 2014

Reflections on the Question of When, If Ever, Violence is Justified in the Struggle for Social and Political Change

Susan Farbstein; Harvard Human Rights Journal

Climate Change Migration & Social Innovation

Bonnie Docherty; Harvard College Review of Environment and Society
May 2014

Ending Civilian Suffering: The Purpose, Provisions, and Promise of Humanitarian Disarmament Law

Bonnie Docherty; Austrian Review of International and European Law

Health Professional Accountability for Acts of Torture Through State Licensing and Discipline

Deborah Popowski, Kate Nicholson, Shuenn (Patrick) Ho, and Pooja Nair; chapter in "Ethics Abandoned: Medical Professionalism and Detainee Abuse in the War on Terror"
November 2013

The Paradox of Accountability in Brazil

Fernando Delgado and Jim Cavallaro; chapter in "After Oppression: Transitional Justice in Latin America and Eastern Europe"; UN Press
November 2012

Human Rights and Climate Change Adaptation at the International Level

Tyler Giannini and Bonnie Docherty; Yale Journal of Law, online symposium
June 2012

The Alien Tort Statute and Corporate Liability

Susan Farbstein and Tyler Giannini; Debate, 160 U. Pa. L. Rev. PENNumbra 99
November 2011

Viewing Mining’s Effects on First Nations through the Lens of Aboriginal Rights

Bonnie Docherty; West Coast Environmental Law
October 2011

Normalizing Sex and its Discontents: Establishing Sexual Rights in International Law

Mindy Roseman and Alice M. Miller; Harvard Journal of Law & Gender
July 2011

Sexual and Reproductive Rights at the United Nations: Frustration or Fulfillment?

Mindy Roseman and Alice M. Miller; Reproductive Health Matters
June 2011

Improving the Protection of Civilians in Situations of Armed Conflict

Bonnie Docherty; Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Working Paper
May 2011

Articles 2, 6, 7 and 8 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Bonnie Docherty; chapters in "Convention on Cluster Munitions: A Commentary"; Oxford University Press

Corporate Accountability in Conflict Zones: How Kiobel Undermines the Nuremberg Legacy and Modern Human Rights

Tyler Giannini and Susan Farbstein, 52 Harv. Int'l L. J. Online 119

Confronting a Rising Tide: A Proposal for a Convention on Climate Change Refugees

Bonnie Docherty and Tyler Giannini; 33 Harvard Environmental Law Review 349

Breaking New Ground: The Convention on Cluster Munitions and the Evolution of International Humanitarian Law

Bonnie Docherty; 33 Human Rights Quarterly 934

The Extraterritorial Constitution after Boumediene v. Bush

Gerald L. Neuman; Southern California Law Review

Import, Export, and Regional Consent in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Gerald L. Neuman; European Journal of International Law

Discretionary Deportation

Gerald L. Neuman; Georgetown Immigration Law Journal

Mobilizing Against the Military Commissions Act of 2006

Stephanie Brewer, James Cavallaro, Fernando Delgado, Yukyan Lam, Martha Minow, and Deborah Popowski; Harvard Law and Policy Review online
November 2006

Human Rights and Constitutional Rights: Harmony and Dissonance

Gerald L. Neuman; Stanford Law Review

The Effectiveness of the Exercise of Jurisdiction by the International Criminal Court: The Issue of Complementarity

Susan Farbstein; European Center for Minority Issues

Habeas Corpus, Executive Detention, and Alien Removal

Gerald L. Neuman; Columbia Law Review