Henigson Human Rights Fellowship

The deadline for submitting applications for the 2019-2020 cycle has passed. Stay tuned for the 2020-2021 cycle.

Comprehensive information on applying, eligibility, funding and more can be found here.

Purpose and Description of the Fellowship
The Henigson Human Rights Fellowships are for HLS students and recent graduates with a demonstrated commitment to international human rights and an interest in working in the field. They are intended to enable students to make a valuable contribution to human rights during the year of the fellowship and to help students to build human rights work into their careers.

The Henigson Fellowships were made possible by a generous gift to HRP from Robert ’55 and Phyllis Henigson. Henigson Fellows spend twelve months working with a nongovernmental human rights organization in the developing world. Read alumni perspectives on the Henigson fellowship.

More information on applying to the Henigson fellowship can be found here.

Eligible Individuals: 3Ls and LLMs expecting to receive a degree in June 2019 are eligible. Recent JD and LLM graduates are also eligible if they (i) have been clerking for a judge since graduation; (ii) have been engaged in full-time public interest work since graduation; or (iii) were active in human rights or public interest work while students at HLS. HLS JD and LLM 2019 graduates are given preference for the Henigson Human Rights Fellowship. Similarly, applicants who have not received previous post-graduate fellowship funding from HLS are given preference.

Eligible Locations: Fellowships will be awarded only for projects that are located in low or middle-income countries in the developing world. HRP will, however, consider applications that link work in the developing world with organizations in developed countries, so long as the focus of the work and the bulk of the time spent will be in the developing country. Fellowships for projects in a candidate’s home country are discouraged.

Eligible Organizations: The fellowship contemplates active participation in NGOs working on human rights. Applicants must have a sponsoring organization or organizations for a single project in the developing world. The organizations must be engaged in “human rights” as broadly defined.

The amount of the fellowship will be $27,000 for the fellowship period and up to $1,500 toward international health insurance. Fellows may supplement the fellowship from other grants and awards up to a limit of $18,000.

Fellowship Advising and Selection Process
HRP will oversee the administration of the fellowships, including through advising and selection. The HRP advisors are not part of the selection committee.

Applicants should contact organizations as early as possible to determine their needs and the capacity of the applicant to fill them.Students should discuss potential sponsoring organizations with Emily Keehn (ekeehn@law.harvard.edu) and Anna Crowe (acrowe@law.harvard.edu) as early as possible.

The Selection Committee will give particular weight to:

-The applicant’s relevant experience, including academic experience, extracurricular activities, and work experience that evidence a high capacity for and commitment to human rights work and the proposed project;

-The merit and feasibility of the applicant’s project, including the capacity of the proposed organization or organizations to host the applicant and make valuable use of his or her work; and

-The relevance of the project for the career plans of the applicant.

Learn more about applying, restrictions, and considerations here.

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