A Conversation with Dmitri Holtzman, Executive Director, Equal Education Law Centre, South Africa

12:00- 1:00 p.m.
WCC 2036

Please join us for a conversation with Dmitri Holtzman, Executive Director of Equal Education Law Centre (EELC), a public interest law clinic in South Africa focusing on advocacy and strategic litigation around the right to basic education. A vital part of EELC’s core mission is working in collaboration with Equal Education (EE), South Africa’s foremost national community and membership-based mass-movement for quality and equal education. Dmitri will discuss the conditions of South Africa’s public education system and the challenges faced in fulfilling the right to basic education — one of the most powerful socio-economic rights in the South African Constitution’s Bill of Rights — in the context of historically entrenched inequality and generally poor quality schooling. He will also examine the significant role that litigation has come to play as part of organized civil society strategies towards holding the state accountable. He will reflect on the work of EELC and other public interest legal organizations in South Africa in recent years, including some of the successes and limitations of litigating the right to education. Space is limited to allow for meaningful discussion, so please RSVP as soon as possible to [email protected]. Lunch will be provided.