Human Rights in the Council of Europe and the European Union: Achievements, Trends and Challenges

11:45 - 12:45 p.m.
WCC 3007

Dr. Steven Greer, Professor of Human Rights at the University of Bristol Law School, will discuss his new book, which examines the complex regional arrangements in Europe for the protection of human rights, where bodies of the European Union and the larger Council of Europe interact both as partners and competitors.  He and his co-authors show how the institutionalization of human rights has contributed to securing minimum standards across Europe.  They consider the central challenges to these institutions and how they could be managed, particularly for the U.K. in the post-Brexit era. Professor Greer will be joined by his co-authors, Professor Janneke Gerards from Utrecht University School of Law, and Rosie Slowe, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol Law School.