Law Not War

12:00- 1:00 p.m.
WCC 1019

Please join us for a talk by Benjamin Ferencz ’43, Chief Prosecutor in the Einsatzgruppen case, Nuremberg Tribunal. Beginning in 1945 with his prosecution of war criminals during the Nuremberg Tribunal, the work of Benjamin Ferencz has long focused on issues of international criminal justice and world peace. A strong supporter of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Ferencz advocates steps to replace the “rule of force with the rule of law.” On the occasion of his visit, Dean Minow will be awarding Mr. Ferencz with the HLS Medal of Freedom. The Medal of Freedom is the highest honor conferred at the Law School and was established to commemorate the achievements of individuals who have worked to uphold the legal system’s fundamental commitment to freedom, justice, and equality.