PLSMW and HRP Announce Joint Fellowship in Honor of Neelan Tiruchelvam

Black and white photo of Neelan Tiruchelvam sitting at a desk in front of book shelves smiling at the camera.

The Human Rights Program (HRP) and Program on Law and Society in the Muslim World (PLSMW) at Harvard Law School are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications to the Neelan Tiruchelvam Memorial Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide opportunities for outstanding legal scholars and practitioners of Sri Lankan background to undertake research, writing, and scholarly engagement on themes related to human rights in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

The Fellowship is in honor of the late Neelan Tiruchelvam, a Sri Lankan peace and human rights activist, lawyer, scholar and politician.

For more information about the Fellowship and Dr. Tiruchelvam, please visit the fellowship page on our website.