Today, March 20: Human Rights Abuses under Martial Law in Taiwan

Event Notice

March 20, 212

“Tongue Untied”

A Film Screening and (Free) Dinner

7:30 pm

Hauser 102

Please join the Taiwan Law Students Association and the Harvard Law Documentary Studio for a screening of Tongue Untied, a 2002 documentary that looks at the not-so-distant history of human rights abuse in Taiwan.

Today’s Taiwan is a vibrant example of a well-functioning Asian democracy. However, it has one of the darkest histories in the world. Its period of martial law had been the longest in the world when it was lifted, lasting for 38 years, from 1949 to 1987. As in many authoritarian states, during these four decades, the Taiwanese people were arbitrarily arrested, imprisoned, executed, or disappeared, for their real or perceived opposition to the government. This documentary (with English subtitles) is the oral history of those who survived.