Upcoming on Monday: “Reproductive Rights and the U.S. Supreme Court”

“Reproductive Rights and the U.S. Supreme Court”

February 14, 2011
12:15- 1:15 pm
Lewis 202

This brown bag talk features Priscilla “Cilla” Smith, an attorney and Senior Fellow at the Information Society Project at the Yale Law School.  Her current project focuses on ways to shift and expand reproductive rights dialogues within the legal academy, with particular attention to information policy and new technologies.

Smith served as the Director of the Domestic Legal Program of the Center for Reproductive Rights from 2003 to 2007 and was a litigating attorney with the Center for 13 years.  She litigated cases nationwide, most notably arguing two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Smith also developed and edited the first edition of “What if Roe Fell?” in which the Center examines the probable impact of a reversal of Roe V. Wade in all 50 states.

This event is co-sponsored by Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice.