Summer Fellowships

The Human Rights Program Summer Fellowship application isĀ now closed. Stay tuned for the 2020 application.

About the Fellowship
Summer fellowships for human rights internships are a central part of the Harvard Law School human rights experience and provide rich professional, personal, and intellectual opportunities. Many students and alumni/ae who are committed to human rights were introduced to the field through an internship. Interns work for at least eight weeks with nongovernmental or intergovernmental organizations concerned with human rights, exclusively outside the United States.

2018 Summer Fellow D Dangaran, JD’20, speaking at a symposium on gender-based violence in South Africa.

The Program encourages interns to work in organizations in the developing world that are actively involved in monitoring and responding to human rights violations, grass roots mobilization, or similar activities. Students are free to seek out organizations and design new internships. Years of experience have left HRP with a rich source of information on NGOs and the experiences of past interns.

Before applying, prospective applicants must contact Emily Nagisa Keehn, Associate Director of the Academic Program, for advising. The Program will also assist students who are not seeking financial support to obtain information. Upon the conclusion of their summer placement, HRP helps students to build on their fellowship experience through the law school curriculum, clinical work, and third year writing. Many students have drawn on their experience to write articles published in the Harvard Human Rights Journal and elsewhere.

The fellowships are open to returning J.D. students. S.J.D. students, and, in rare circumstances, LL.Ms.

Information for NGOs and IGOs
We are constantly seeking new organizations interested in hosting interns. If your organization is interested in hosting HRP interns, please contact the Program at to request that we send via fax or email a copy of our NGO Datasheet for you to complete.

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