The Human Rights Program produces a range of publications based on academic research and practice in the field of human rights. Faculty, staff, and fellows author a diverse assortment of reports, scholarly articles, books, legal briefs, policy papers, and other publications. Students are also integrally involved in many publications.

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Making the Case: The Dangers of Killer Robots and the Need for a Preemptive Ban (December 2016)

International Human Rights Clinic, Human Rights Watch

The Cost of Gold (October 2016)

International Human Rights Clinic

Losing Control: The Dangers of Killer Robots (June 2016)

Bonnie Docherty; in The Conversation

Plaintiffs’ Reply Brief in Petition for Certiorari (June 2016)

in In Re South African Apartheid Litigation. International Human Rights Clinic. Counsel: Tyler Giannini, Susan Farbstein, et al.