The Human Rights Program produces a range of publications based on academic research and practice in the field of human rights. Faculty, staff, and fellows author a diverse assortment of reports, scholarly articles, books, legal briefs, policy papers, and other publications. Students are also integrally involved in many publications.

Most Recent

We’re Running Out of Time to Stop Killer Robot Weapons (April 2018)

Bonnie Docherty; in The Guardian

Victim Assistance Under the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (April 2018)

International Human Rights Clinic

Decriminalization and the UN Human Rights Bodies (March 2018)

Emily Nagisa Keehn

How Mass Incarceration Harms U.S. Health, In 5 Charts (January 2018)

Emily Nagisa Keehn; in The Conversation

An Overdue Review: Addressing Incendiary Weapons in the Contemporary Context (November 2017)

The International Human Rights Clinic, Human Rights Watch

Recognizing Nairobi’s Refugees (November 2017)

The International Human Rights Clinic, The Norwegian Refugee Council Kenya