Applying for a Postgraduate Fellowship

The 2022-2023 postgraduate fellowship application for the Henigson Human Rights Fellowship and the Satter Human Rights Fellowship is now open.

Complete applications are due March 28, 2022.

Prospective applicants must email Abadir Ibrahim ([email protected]) before March 1, 2022, to discuss their plans and have their host organization vetted.

You can learn more about the Henigson Human Rights Fellowship or the Satter Human Rights Fellowship by visiting the respective pages for the fellowships.

You can apply to either or both the Henigson and Satter fellowships via this link.

While the criteria differ for the Henigson and Satter fellowships, a complete application for either will consist of the following:

Curriculum vitae, including information about classes, work, and extracurricular activities in public interest and human rights inside and outside HLS;

A personal statement (500 words maximum) about the applicant’s relevant experience, interest, and future aspirations with respect to public interest and human rights work. The statement should include a discussion of how the fellowship fits within the applicant’s career plans.

A project description (see below for project requirements) including: a description of the sponsoring organization and of its work in the local and international context; a detailed discussion of the applicant’s project and its relation to the work of the organization; and an estimated project budget to demonstrate feasibility;

A letter and supporting material from the sponsoring organization detailing: the organization’s mission; their particular interest in the work of the applicant; their plan for supervising and mentoring the applicant; their plan for security and risk management for the applicant; and their plan for ensuring that the applicant is able to secure the appropriate visa;

Two or three letters of recommendation, including at least one from a HLS professor; letters of recommendation may be submitted separately from the rest of the application to [email protected]; and

An HLS transcript.

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