Between Failure and Redemption: The Future of the Ethiopian Social Contract

Human Rights in a Time of Populism: Challenges and Responses

The electoral successes of right-wing populists since 2016 have unsettled world politics. The spread of populism poses dangers for human

Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy in a World of Disorder

Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy in a World of Disorder brings together respected scholars from diverse disciplines to examine a

Reconsidering the Insular Cases: The Past and Future of the American Empire

Over a century has passed since the United States Supreme Court decided a series of cases, known as the “Insular

The International Rule of Law Movement: A Crisis of Legitimacy and the Way Forward

Promoting the rule of law at the national and international levels is at the heart of the United Nations’ mission

No Nos Toman En Cuenta

Nearly five years after ratifying the International Labor Organization Convention 169 (“ILO 169”), Chile continues to violate indigenous peoples’ right

Indigenous (In)Justice: Human Rights Law and Bedouin Arabs in the Naqab/Negev

The indigenous Bedouin Arab population in the Naqab/Negev desert in Israel has experienced a history of displacement, intense political conflict,

Litigating Health Rights: Can Courts Bring More Justice to Health?

The last fifteen years have seen a tremendous growth in litigation focused on right-to-health issues, such as access to health

Reproductive Health and Human Rights: The Way Forward

This book critically reflects on the past fifteen years of international efforts aimed at improving health, alleviating poverty, diminishing gender

Children and Transitional Justice: Truth-Telling, Accountability and Reconciliation

Children are increasingly a focus of international and national courts and truth commissions.  This book includes analysis of the recent involvement